Our Story


Michael "Mike" Dumas, President of Maritime Holdings (Delaware), LLC (parent company), CFO of Intermarine, LLC, and President of Industrial Terminals

Mr. Dumas has more than 20 years of financial management experience. He joined the company to lead the business's corporate finance, financial reporting and strategic planning functions. He was previously employed by Freeport-McMoRan where he served as Vice President of Business Development. From 1993 to 1996, Mr. Dumas directed Freeport's financial department in Madrid, Spain. He holds an MBA from Louisiana State University and a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Southern Arkansas University. He is also a CPA. Mr. Dumas is located in Houston and focuses on corporate expansions and acquisitions.

Andre Grikitis, President & CEO of Intermarine, LLC and Industrial Maritime Carriers, LLC

Mr. Grikitis began his career in the maritime industry in the 1970s as a Chartering Manager with World Trade Shipping, a New York-based vessel operator. In the early 1980s, he joined New York-based vessel operator, T.J. Stevenson, as Vice President. In 1993, Mr. Grikitis acquired the vessel operations of his then employer, D.W. Lee, Inc., which he later renamed Cargoships, Inc. He received a Bachelor of Science in Business from Central Connecticut College in 1969 and a master's degree in Criminal Justice from C.W. Post in New York in 1974.

Will Terrill, President & CEO of US Ocean, LLC

Mr. Terrill joined Intermarine in 2006. He served as Vice-President of the U.S. Flag Services group from 2010 to 2017.  During Mr. Terrill’s tenure with the Company’s U.S. Flag Services group, Intermarine has expanded its US Flag fleet from three to seven vessels. This expansion included the addition of two self-sustaining, modern, shallow draft vessels with lifting capacity of up to 800MT (OCEAN FREEDOM and OCEAN GIANT) and an 8,000 DWT vessel with 400MT lifting capacity (OCEAN CRESCENT).  Mr. Terrill earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1993 from Gettysburg College and two Juris Doctor degrees, one from the University of Maine School of Law in 1997 and a second from Tulane School of Law, Maritime Law in 1998. He is located in Houston, Texas.

William “Bill” Curtin, VP & Chief Information Officer

Mr. Curtin joined Intermarine in 2012 as VP & Chief Information Officer. He served eight years as an officer in the United States Air Force. He was progressively responsible for assignments at the Pentagon and in Washington, D.C., and South Korea. Mr. Curtin is an Armed Services medal recipient with 15 years’ combined information technology (IT), project management, merger and acquisition experience.  In 2006, after his final military assignment as Director of IT, he joined the private sector, also at the Director level.  His private sector IT background includes: operations, business applications and strategic planning experience in Latin America, West Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. Mr. Curtin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from St. Mary's University. He is a graduate of the Defense Department's Advanced Leadership School, valedictorian of the Air Force's IT and Communications School, and a certified project manager.

Capt. Brian Powney, VP Technical Services

Captain Brian Powney serves as Vice President of Technical Services for Intermarine. Captain Powney began his career at sea. He then came ashore to apply his experience toward improving cargo handling and securing techniques. After working in operational and managerial positions for Canadian Pacific Steamships, he accepted an offer from Transcan Marine Consultants & Surveyors to serve as Vice President of Operations. Through his direction; Transcan became the leading provider of Port Captain services for Intermarine. He holds a Masters Foreign Going Certificate and other seamanship certificates all of which he obtained from attending the School of Navigation, University of South Hampton Warash Hants. Captain Powney graduated with Honors from Reardon Smith Nautical College, Cardiff, South Wales, as Senior leading cadet starboard division in 1967. Now with more than 30 years of maritime experience, Captain Powney oversees all vessel management and cargo handling activities for Intermarine. Captain Powney is also very active in design criteria for the recent and next generations of multipurpose project carriers.

Ask Michael Munck, Managing Director Worldwide

Ask Michael Munck serves as Managing Director, Worldwide for Intermarine. He assumed this role in 2013 after the merger between Intermarine and Scan-Trans. Mr. Munck joined Scan-Trans as CFO in January 2006 to head the company's corporate finance, financial reporting and strategic planning functions. While with Scan-Trans, he also served as HR Director. Mr. Munck has more than 20 years of broad financial experience. From 1997 to 2005 he was employed by DaimlerChrysler as head of finance and accounting in both Denmark & Sweden. He holds a Higher Diploma in Business Administration, Financial and Management Accounting. Mr. Munck is located in Naestved, Denmark, and focuses on all the overall performance of the Worldwide division.

Frank Fischer, Managing Director Tonnage Procurement

Mr. Fischer joined Intermarine in 2012 to lead the time chartering and capacity management functions. Prior to joining Intermarine, Mr. Fischer was employed by GB Shipping and Reederei Buss in Leer, Ostfriesland, where he served as M.D. Respectively, he has more than 20 high-quality years of chartering, sale and purchase; newbuild and operational management experience. Mr. Fischer is located in Hamburg, Germany, and focuses on all time charter and shipowners matters.

Richard Seeg, Vice President – Americas

Mr. Seeg joined Intermarine’s New Orleans office in 1998 where he was responsible for Asia chartering and sales. In 2001 he moved to Seoul, South Korea, to open an office; and in 2004 he moved to Intermarine’s Asia headquarters in Shanghai. While in Shanghai, he expanded the company’s operations from Japan to the Suez Canal as Managing Director – Asia. He returned to New Orleans in 2010 to serve as Vice President North Coast South America and the Caribbean. In January 2017 he was named Vice President – Americas. Today he has the overall responsibility for the success of the Americas service, Intermarine's largest division, which constructs more than 150 voyages per year. Mr. Seeg earned a BA in Biology from Tufts University and an MBA from the AB Freeman School of Business at Tulane University.