QHSE Overview

We take safety seriously

  • Full-time HSE Director
    • › Former U.S. Coast Guard Inspector
    • › Certified Safety Trainer
  • Robust HSE management system
    • › Identifies risk exposure and provides department specific training
    • › Reporting/monitoring system for incident management
    • › Risk analysis and hazard identification


  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • ISO certification since 1998
  • Corporate commitment to quality assurance and continuous improvement
  • Full-time quality manager, annual audits, recertification in July 2014

Safety and Environmental Policy

Intermarine is committed to the safety of its employees, contractors, and vessel operators and to minimizing the impact of its operations on the environment. In order to ensure the successful realization of this commitment we:

  • Foster a work environment that encourages employee involvement in establishing a safe workplace and recognizing that safety and environmental incidents are preventable
  • Conduct the company’s activities in accordance with the requirements defined in the Intermarine Safety & Environmental Management System (ISE)
  • Provide employees with the necessary training to ensure that they understand and can fulfill their individual responsibilities within ISE, and hold them accountable for safety and environmental performance
  • Require that employees comply with all relevant regulations, with ISE, and with company safetyand environmental procedures
  • Target the use of third-party vessel and terminal operators with safety and environmental policies equivalent to or more rigorous than that of Intermarine.

Quality Policy

Intermarine is committed to providing customer value and satisfaction in marine logistics through well-defined processes and continual improvement of the Quality Management System. We will perform with integrity by instilling a quality culture and safety presence in every area of service we provide.