MV Color

Four workhorses form the core of our South America Services

The Harren Group-owned vessels, Industrial Color, Industrial Confidence, Industrial Constant, and Industrial Courage, boast two 150 MT cranes with a combined lifting capacity of 300 MT and offer supreme maneuverability and excellent fuel efficiency. They are ideal for heavy lifts, transformers, tanks, general breakbulk, and neo-bulk cargoes.

Many ports throughout the Americas only allow vessels up to a length of 100m LOA. This restriction prevents many ships from calling at these ports. With 99m LOA, this doesn’t apply to these four vessels. They can berth at almost every port across the Caribbean, Central America, and South America, including the off-shore oil supply bases in Guyana, Trinidad, and Mexico.

With a deadweight of over 8,000 mt, ports might be restricted, but our services are not. The shorter LOA does not compromise shipping capacity. While larger ships lose out on restricted port opportunities, these vessels are well within the regulations of these ports and offer sufficient capacity for most of your cargo needs.

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