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Heavy Lift Cargo
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Project, Break Bulk & Heavy Lift Cargo
We operate a dynamic fleet of highly specialized vessels to transport project,
break bulk and heavy lift cargo - providing operational excellence, technical expertise,
equipment availability and cargo delivery in time and security sensitive environments.
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Customized Solutions
Our in-house Technical Services department delivers creative solutions
to assist clients with stowage, lifting, securing and loadspreading
arrangements for all cargo types.
Recent Projects
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Intermarine is dedicated to delivering superior service to and from
North America, Central America, The Caribbean and South America.
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About Us

Intermarine has been providing the most reliable liner services in the Americas for 30 years. Our team has the industry knowledge and technical expertise to provide the best solutions for our customers’ unique and changing transportation requirements.

Intermarine’s incomparable strength in the Americas is a result of three decades dedicated to building an extensive network of offices and long-term agents throughout South America and the Caribbean.

Through our unmatched staff and our active fleet management, Intermarine has the assets to provide long-term solutions for customers’ supply chain needs.

When necessary, we can provide services past the hook, including: intermodal logistics, documentation and customer coordination.

Intermarine is part of the JSI Alliance.

Superior Service on all Routes

Intermarine is committed to delivering superior service across the globe, encompassing both our established liner services and flexible worldwide tramp services. From North America to Central America, the Caribbean, and South America, our dedication remains unwavering. With global offices on four continents, we ensure comprehensive shipping solutions, solidifying our position as a leader in maritime logistics.

Connecting key ports like the US Gulf, Mexico, NCSA, the Caribbean, and Central America, our breakbulk service is designed to address modern supply chain demands. Intermarine ensures consistent weekly sailings between Houston and destinations like Guyana, Trinidad, Colombia, and Mexico. Additionally, we offer sailings every two weeks to Suriname and cater to on-demand intra-Americas moves, reflecting our commitment to regional connectivity.

Intermarine’s legacy of over three decades in the ECSA is marked by bi-weekly sailings between the US Gulf and major ports in Brazil and Argentina. Our reach has grown, now encompassing regular connections to NCSA, WCSA, the Caribbean, and Europe, emphasizing our expansive intra-Americas operations.

Our WCSA service offers monthly voyages, expertly tailored for a range of shipments. We bridge the U.S. Gulf and the Caribbean with key locations in Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. Beyond these, we facilitate connections between the West Coast of South America and regions like NCSA, ECSA, and Europe, underscoring our dedication to intra-regional trade.

Our European hub, located in Denmark, is the cornerstone of our operations in the region. We not only offer bi-weekly sailings to the Americas but also provide global chartering services, leveraging both the Intermarine fleet and chartered vessels to ensure unparalleled service.

Our commitment to the Asian market is embodied by our Bangkok office. As we continue to forge new connections, we’re focused on crafting voyages that bridge Asia with the Americas and Europe, ensuring seamless and efficient shipping solutions for our partners.

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Full Coverage, Complete Service
Trust a team dedicated to global transport for 30 years

Our Fleet

We operate a dynamic fleet of highly specialized vessels to transport project, breakbulk and heavylift cargo.

Couldn’t find the right vessel for your cargo? Through JSI Alliance we offer you access to 50 project cargo vessels to find just the right solution for you. Your cargo, our priority: JSI Alliance.

breakbulk services

Creative Technical Solutions

Intermarine delivers operational excellence, technical expertise, equipment availability and cargo delivery in time and security sensitive environments.

Customized Method Statements

Our method statement is comprised of a step-by-step loading/discharging procedure, stowage plan, and lifting & securing plans with supporting calculations. This procedure ensures that your cargo is loaded safely and efficiently. Additionally, Intermarine’s QHSE programs provide the assurance that your cargo will be moved according to plan and with minimized risk.

Port Captain Services

Our highly experienced Port Captains evaluate and execute the stowage and handling of cargos worldwide and offer 24-hour supervision of all cargo operations. Once loading is complete, a full Port Captain Report is drafted to include a final stowage plan, photographs of the loading operations and detailed discharge instructions. The reports aid in reducing risk of damage to cargos and vessels’ time in port.

Drawing Software and 3D Modeling

Intermarine uses state-of-the-art software for optimal cargo planning. We offer in-house Finite Element Analysis, AutoCAD and 3D Modeling when managing the most complex and challenging cargo for our customers.


MV Pabur

Intermarine Bulk Carriers – your strong partner in dry bulk shipping

We provide industrial clients such as:
  • Traders
  • Miners
  • Producers
  • Energy companies

with competitive freight for ocean transport. Our offering includes spot management as well as customized management for longer term COA and transport solutions.


We conduct a seamless alignment of chartering and operations, including:

  • Voyage and Laytime management
  • Performance monitoring and analysis
  • Accounting
  • Claims handling
  • IT support

Our prudent approach to risk management and freight trading includes:

  • Utilization of physical and derivatives hedging tools
  • Proactive Management and Assessment of Bunker/Fuel exposure
  • Pool and J/V arrangements, as well as business intelligence
  • Long Term Time charter and Leasing employment for ship owners and investors.
Dry Dock (8)


Being an integral part of our everyday business, QHSE Management is deeply embedded in the mindset and philosophy of Intermarine.

The health and safety of our employees ashore and crews on board, protection of the environment and striving for quality excellence drives the sustainability of our success and long-term reputation.

In addition to complying with International and local rules and regulations, Intermarine defines and follows internal standards to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, prevent incidents at the workplace and minimize our impact on the environment.


Welcome to the world of Intermarine! Learn more about our latest news, projects, stories and developments and stay up-to-date with what is cooking inside Intermarine.

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Intermarine operates legally as “INTERMARINE Americas, LLC.