MV Industrial Emma Joins the Intermarine Fleet

Adding the MV Industrial Emma to our fleet, we’re continuing our commitment to efficient, flexible shipping. She is a 7,700 DWT lady with two 120 MT cranes, perfect for servicing our customers in the Caribbean and throughout South America.

MV Color

Four workhorses form the core of our South America Services

The Harren Group-owned vessels, Industrial Color, Industrial Confidence, Industrial Constant, and Industrial Courage, boast two 150 MT cranes with a combined lifting capacity of 300 MT and offer supreme maneuverability and excellent fuel efficiency. They are ideal for heavy lifts, transformers, tanks, general breakbulk, and neo-bulk cargoes.

MV Charger and MV Challenger are back in our fleet

Welcome back! We are happy to announce that the well-known sister vessels MV Charger and MV Challenger are back in the Intermarine fleet. Both vessels are equipped with 2 x 200 MT cranes.